The Haunted Army

In Memory of the Haunted Army

The Story


So, back in 07-08 I started sherwood as just Zeph, not Zephboy. I was on it maybe a week before I met -Hawkeye- (The original founder who gave me the blessing of taking HA under my young wing and call myself founder). He taught me the ropes of the game, how to be polite, to never run, etc. I started as a Pvt...obviously and, it was great for the first few days. But..then something went wrong..after those few days, Hawkeye stopped appearing. so, what I did was..I took it under my wing without his permission and called it my own. It was a slow start, members never returning..I was inexperienced, with no allies. But I was blessed to meet the leader of a clan named -Tick Toc- he was the founder of the Grey Lions(GL) and he did me a great deal. We became allies and became great friends. Soon after his clan slowly began to die he got his remaining members to help me. Though they didn't stick around Tick Tock stuck around for it all. I am in great debt to him. Some other wonderful people that were a huge help to me were Gremlin, Amethyst, Big-Snap, and a few others whose names are a bit fuzzy. I will always keep them close to me in my heart. As a few months passed, we made friends and enemies, and our base began to become a hangout for room hoppers. in which we made good friends. As time passed some joined others continued to hang around, and helped us if we needed it. I didn't mind them either, we were friendly as they were to us, and it's always good to have friends. But after a few months things got...interesting...

HA's Large Expansion

  As HA progressed I met a man...He was deranged and claimed to be in good relations with gene. As a young naive kid, I believed him, when in honesty..he just knew good links and had the inside scoop from some website that gave him the information he knew..He was a botter, and helped make HA huge. I do owe him..but in the didn't go well...But that's for later.

What he did do for me was he got me over 200+ members...we needed 2 bases one which was fully active and another that has half activity here and then. I had to make certain  rooms training bases for the new recruits..and well despite how happy I was it was hell..and chaos...but it was worth it. We became one of the biggest clans in emerald server. But..then the dark times began to unfold...

The Haunting Drama of HA

After we got all the members, chaos broke out..which lead to me and scott fighting..and lies were spread about me by him and he also tried to break HA in half..which he did..took a good bit members to a clan that lasted...for about a month...people just up and left. But, being a fool I gave him a second chance. We got a long but then he started drama within the clan with the women of the clan...thus ended bad...more members left and then he finally left.


HA's shameful demise.

 So...this was probably my own fault..I had a dear friend show up on sherwood unknowing. He joined COL(Children of Light) and they have a very trusted leader. What had happened was, I found him and told him, if he ever wanted to come back he is welcomed..but not to leave his clan. Just, to return if COL were to hapen to go under, seeing as how he is an old friend. My CoFDR, amethyst, was unaware of the situation because I didn't tell her, and when the LDR of COL told her the situation she immediatley booted me and the clan died a few weeks later due to her not being ready to be a leader all alone. Now, I take full responsibility for it, and do not blame her what so ever. 



Why am I recreating HA?

 Because, HA is a huge part of my life. It means everything to me, and I don't think it went out the way it should have. Thus, I'll carry it on, until the inevitable demise of HA happens once more.



Why Do I Love HA So Much and Care For Sherwood So Much?

 Sherwood and HA both saved my life... When I was younger my life was crap, with problems, and sherwood distracted me from it. The clan work made me happy and helped relieve me of stress...I owe HA and sherwood I great thanks. This may be just  a game to most...but to me it is the second life that saved my first life.