The Haunted Army

In Memory of the Haunted Army

Members of the HA Clan

Founder (FDR) - Zephboy, FlameOfSorrow/FoS

CoFounder (CoFDR) - -Tick Tock-, Big-Snap

 Leader (LDR)-

Co Leader (CoLDR)-

Legend (Lgd)- 

General of Army (GOA)-

 EBO-Elite Black Op-

BO-Black op-


SK-Shadow Knight-

Dark Killer-DK-



HLDR-Haunted Leader-


HK-Haunted Knight-

 HW-Haunted warrior-

GHLDR-Ghost Leader-

CoGHLDR- CoGhostLeader-

GK-Ghost Knight-

Ultimate Warrior (UWA) -

Ultimate Soldier (USOL) - 

Ghost Legend (GHLGD) -

Ghost Leader (GHLDR) -

Ghost Assassin (GHAS) -

Ghost Warrior (GHWA) -

Ghost Soldier (GHSOL) -

Demi God (DG) -

Demon Leader (DLDR) -

Demon Lord (DL) - 

Demon Assassin (DAS) - 

Demon Warrior (DW) -

Gifted Knight (GKN) -

Gifted Warrior (GW) -

Assassin (AS) - 

Expert Assassin (EXPAS) -

Advanced Assassin (ADA) -

 Private Assassin (PA) -

Begginner Assassin (BGA) -

Emperor / Empress (Emp / Emps) -

War Lord (WL) -

War Assassin (WA) -

OverLord (OL) -

King / Queen- -Carmyna-

Lord / Lady

Royal Gaurd (RG) -

Castle Gaurd (CG) -

Gaurd (GD) -

Knight (KNGT) - Disturbed One, King Charles

For ranks Knight through Royal guard recruit 4,  For ranks Lord/Queen through Emp/Emps recruit 5, for ranks Begginner Assassin through Assassin recriut 6, for ranks Gifted Warrior through Demon Leader recriut 7, for ranks Demi God through Haunted Leader recruit 9, and Elite through Leader recruit 10. 


            Recruiting Ranks 

 recriut two people per rank for these ranks.

General (GNRL) - DarkManRanger

Lieutenant General (LTGNRL) -

Major General (MJGNRL) - 

Brigadier General (BGNRL) -

Colonel (COL) - 

Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) -

Major (MJR) -

Captain (CPT) -

First Lieutenant (FLT) -

Second Lieutenant (SLT) -

Sergeant Major (SGTMJR) -

Master Sergeant (MSGT) -

Sergeant First Class (SFC) - 

Staff Sergeant (SSGT) -

Sergeant (SGT) -

Corporal (CPL) -

Priate (PvT) - hootersgirl, MrHammerHead, kylethekilla